Antelope Canyon - A Fantastic Place for any Nature Lover

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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon - A Fantastic Place for any Nature Lover Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located in Northern Arizona. It is the most visited and most photographed slot canyon. This canyon is small but exquisitely beautiful. It has two different slot canyon sections. They are Higher Antelope Canyon also known as The Crack and Antelope Canyon or The Corkscrew. Antelope Canyon is a heavenly and magical place. It's a popular location for photographers and tourists. It takes only an hour or two to see the whole place. But it's worth the time. The breathtaking beauty will captivate any nature lover.This place is truly a photographer's dream. The best time to pay a visit to the canyon is on a sunny day. It's shining and dazzling beauty will soothe the eyes.Visitors are only allowed into Antelope Canyon with a guide. The guide will help the tourists to gather every possible information about the canyon.The mysterious beauty of Antelope Canyon awaits adventurous travelers who want to discover the scenic beauty of this wonderful canyon. Really, it is one of the most fantastic places to visit and enjoy the amazing beauty of nature.

Lower Lewis River Falls

Awesome Lewis River Falls Mother nature teaches us everything and its beauty is such that one can't explain it with words. The Lewis River Falls is one of the example of its beauty. This awesome fall is located at South west Washington in Lewis River region.Its length is aprox8.8 miles round-trip. Its gain is 450 ft while its highest point is at 1300 ft.The location of the fall is easy to be reached and the riverside route is quite wide which make its beauty to be observed with a lot of enthusiasm. The area is very large so as to capture in your photograph.The Lower Lewis River Falls is spectacular and on the left side of the Lower Lewis River Fall, there is whirling trough which collects most of its water flow. You can also notice the Vanilla leaf underlying here and there.The presence of large reddish brown stumps in between the greenery of the thick forest give you the sense of natural beauty. This place is perfect if you are planning for a picnic with your family with a lot of adventure.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

A detailed review of Hamilton Pool Preserve Hamilton Pool Preserve is an amazing destination that anyone who appreciates nature will fall in love with. It is a natural pool that is located about 37 kilometers to the west of Austin, Texas. It has always been a joint for many people during summer as it can accommodate thousands of people. It sits on a 232 acre piece of land. There are many aspects that make this pool a favorite of many. To begin with, it has something for everyone. If you want to do some sight-seeing, swimming or photo-taking, rest assured that you will not miss some spots to carry out what you want. Because the water is not treated, swimming in the pool is regulated. Movies have been shot in the Hamilton Pool Preserve and this confirms that indeed, it is a treasured place. For instance, the 1990 movie The Hot Spot as well as the Teeth of 2007 were shot in this area. Other movies that were shot around this area include Predators of 2010 and the Tree Of Life, which was shot in 2011. Other features · Access to the pool requires a person to pay about $15 fee to the Travis county park. On paying this, a permit is issued that will allow you to access different parks all day. A total of 75 parking spots are found here and there is no need to worry about whether or not to visit the place with your car. · You should be physically fit to access the place because you will need to take a quarter-mile trek downhill. · Drinking water is not available and therefore, you should carry some drinking water with you. · The pool is open from 9.00 am and it is closed at 6.00 pm. However, all recreation activities are stopped at 5.30 pm. Hence, no entry is allowed from 5.30 pm. If you want to experience more, always arrive early.